Through a creative touch in the kitchen, Clemi interprets the flavors of local and regional traditions.
Dishes smell like naturalness and follow the seasons one after another.
Small delicacies are served as an appetizer: chicken with rocket salad, chicory rolls, polenta (boiled cornmeal) with burrata (a fresh Italian cheese, made from mozzarella and cream) and sopressa (an Italian aged salami, usually made from pork, lard, salt, pepper and spices).

As far as first courses are concerned, these go from spaghetti with chicory to tagliatelle in duck sauce, from custard to pumpkin and spinach with barley and bean soups.

The restaurants sociality is grilled meat.
There are also delicious desserts: from chocolate mousse to vanilla ice cream with zabaione.
To complete the work, we suggest a good wine which include both national and local selections.